How do I enter?

You can enter online from July 2017. Late entries are accepted on the morning of race day, but there's a R50 late-entry fee charged for the MTB race and R20 for the Trail Run.

Fitness level required?

The 8km and 20km is for beginners, for the 45 km you need to be fairly fit and for the 80km super fit as it is quite gruelling. If you are unsure of your fitness level, we urge you to visit your doctor before entering.

Entry Fees?

6km: R60; 20km: R180 (R140*); 45km: R220 (R180*); 80km: R260 (R220*). (* - PPA tariff) R50 late-entry fee. Trail Run: R120, R20 late-entry fee

Do I need a PPA number?

You don't need to be a PPA member to enter the race. Riders who are not members will be issued with a temporary number on the day. Only PPA members will be timed and only if they have a Racetec timing chip. PPA seeded members will start the race first, according to their seeding. You can still become a PPA member on the morning of the race. For more information click here.

Can I ride with someone else's number?

No. If you're found riding with someone else's number, you could be disqualified and/or banned for 1 year. This is strictly enforced because your personal and medical details are linked to your race number in case of an emergency.

I want to change my distance, what do I do?

You are welcome to chance your route, but only on the morning of the race. Please proceed to the registration counter.

What do I wear?

Helmets are compulsory. Cycling shoes, shorts and other cycling gear are recommended.

Registrations and collections:

Still to be announced

Timing works?

All members with Racetec chips will be timed, whether they are PPA members or not (NEW)

Starting times?

Routes: 80km (07h45), 45km (08h00), 20km (08h30), 6km (09h00), Trail Run (07h15)